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Ion Profile Pro Record Player

The Ion Profile Pro is a delicious record Player that is sensational for a busy store, with an easy-to-use turntable record Player 45 rpm, you'll be able to provide your customers with the latest track trends and everything else you've got going for you when it comes to music playback. Plus, the 45 rpm speed means that your customer's hands won't have to slowly fly across the screen as they listen to your song, the record Player also features our new 78 rpm speed, which make it exceptional for faster-paced genres such as pop or rock. Finally, the 33, 3 rpm speed means that your customers can easily understand and read the lyrics of your song. So, whether you're a busy store or you're just hunting for a more modern and easy-to-use record player, the Ion Profile Pro is a top-notch answer.

Ion Profile Pro Record Player Ebay

The Ion Profile Pro is a professional record Player that uses a turntable to play vinyl records, it is again able to com records com tracks. The Player also offers an usb connection to easily transfer music to from your computer, the Ion Profile Pro lp turntable is an unequaled substitute for lovers searching for a sterling sound and top-of-the-line price. This Player is likewise first-rate for mp3 music playback or conversion, it renders a digital audio output and a digital turntable that can be used to listen to your music from your computer. The Ion Profile Pro is additionally available as an usb vinyl Player and record its tracks on the fly with its built-in usb audio converter, this Player also includes conversion capabilities, making it unequaled for creating custom vinyl recordings. Plus, it can play music from a standard cd or cd-r file, making it unrivaled for use in small spaces.