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Westinghouse Record Player

The Westinghouse record Player is top-of-the-line for your music needs, it extends three speed levels to choose from, and includes a built-in speaker. The Player also includes features such as music downloads, cloud storage, and more.

Logic Board 54 inch TV  T546HB01 V1 CTRL BD 54T07-C00 for WESTINGHOUSE VR-5535Z ...etc. Original Tcon Board Universal TV Board

Logic Board 54 inch TV

By Unbranded


*** 1965 Westinghouse Portable Record Player ***  All Original
*** 1965 Westinghouse Portable Record Player ***  All Original PAS7060A
Saranade Uneeda Westinghouse Radio Doll + Transmitter Record Player & Record

Saranade Uneeda Westinghouse Radio Doll

By Westinghouse / Uneeda


1950 1960 Westinghouse Model H71MP1 Record Player Phonograph Turntable

Vintage Westinghouse Record Player

This vintage Westinghouse record Player is a top-notch addition to your music collection, it is fabricated of metal shell which offers a rubber earplug inside. It is again been functions as a speaker and extends a built in soundboard, this Player also imparts digital readout and grants a pre-recorded video of the performers music performance. The Westinghouse transistor is a portable record Player that provides a close-to-the-metal finish and superior sound quality for your music experience, this Player also includes an 6-watt transistors power amplifier, making it a top-of-the-heap substitute for larger venues or for use with other record players in groups. This Westinghouse Player is a first-rate example of the type of Player that is often found in the late 1960 s and early 1970 it extends an anechoic or reflectivity c-shaped speaker system and is equipped with two loudspeakers, the Player renders a choose-your-own-adapter system that allows the user to create their own sounds with various mics and other devices. The Player also includes a built-in microphone and line-level input, the record Player also includes a substitute to play cd's or super cd's with ade-amented music playback method. The Westinghouse radio doll is an unique and delicious substitute to listen to your favorite radios while keeping up with your favorite djs! This record Player comes with a which is fantastic for record transmissions, the record Player also features a beautiful, sleek design with an anodized aluminum frame. Plus, it provides a straightforward set up system and comes with a fantastic sound quality.