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Record Player With Counterweight

This low-cost record Player provides a counter weight to help adjust the weight of your music, and a magnetic cartridge to keep your music organized and accessible, this Player also presents an adjustable counter weight, so you can change the size of the players to tailor your needs.

Record Player With Counterweight Ebay

The vinyl record Player renders a counterweighted metal body and anodized aluminum casing, the Player offers a weight capacity of 10 kg and can be adjusted to a Counterweight or counter inertia. The Player imparts a variometer and a dynamic sensitive resistor to adjust the weight, the Player can be programmed to play either "vinyl" or " goldstein's " " type records. The Player can also be attached to a power outlet With a white or black electrical plug, the Player imparts a front indicator light and a back indicator light. The Player imparts a sound quality that is good and offers a good sound quality, the new vinyl record Player imparts a counterweighted design that ensures a confirmed weight and balance when playing music. The Player provides an adjustable Counterweight that allows for different listening levels and interventions, while the magnetic cartridge ensures consistently good sound, this Player is terrific for any open-air vinyl show! It can be easily adapted to your needs by adding or removing the counterweight, making it basic to use. The Player can play various types of vinyl, from the traditional records themselves, to give your vinyl show a touch of individual history, we also included a magnetic cartridge, which will automatically adjust the weight until the Player finds its top-notch balance. This Player features a counter weight that can be used to adjust the weight and size of the records, it is excellent for record mastering or other music making applications. The Player also includes a headphone jack and a for adding additional sound effects.