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Record Player Earrings

Our record Player Earrings are sterling surrogate to show your kawaii side and add a touch of luxury to your overall appearance, these Earrings are sensational for kids, women, or men who are into kawaii! Our products are made with quality materials and in high demand.

Record Player Earrings Walmart

The Earrings are small but beautiful set of Earrings that hang from a leather strap around your musician's neck, they are splendid addition to your music player, and would make a peerless addition to each wardrobe. The record Player Earrings come with a set of two Earrings each with a blue and white sugar cookie earring and a heart-shaped sugar cookie earring, these Earrings are made with teardrop hoop wire and are finished with a musical ins. This beautiful Earrings set contains two earring pieces - one for each side of the recorded line of vibrating "barbie" toy telephone, the Earrings are made of high-quality metal and have a mirror reflectivity. They are easily adjustable to suit any barbie to style, them size is small. Them weight is light, these Earrings are fantastic alternative to show off your favorite toy doctor or " barbie " character as an unique piece of jewelry. They are also a top addition to your child's collection of toy products, this beautiful new handmade american girl doll Earrings set is sure to make a statement! The Earrings are made out of green gold and have an 18 inch length which is sterling for any style statement you might need. Made in america.