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Nirvana Record Player

The Nirvana record Player is an enticing way to add a little bit of music to your space, this Player presents a cool sticker decal that goes well with any wallpaper or clothing. The Nirvana record Player is a peerless addition to evey space and is sure to serve as a beautiful reminder of your music collections.

Nirvana Record Player Amazon

The Nirvana record Player is an unique, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment, it is a part of the seattle 4 record Player and is produced of pop culture deliciousness. The Player is inspired by and inspired by the classic Nirvana rock band that it is associated with, it looks and feels like it from the inside out. The pearl jam decal is a nice touch and makes the Player even more unique, plus, the Nirvana sticker on the front face is a nice touch too. It looks like they stickers the Nirvana symbol which means it is a record player, the decal pearl jam design means it is a jam player. The black and white design is modern and sleek, the Player is equipped stickers which make it look like you are playing in the Nirvana style. This is a top slipmat for the Nirvana record player, it is produced of durable fabric and will keep your turntable record in unrivaled condition. It also provides an unique design that will make a top-notch addition to your home music room, this 7-12 dj slipmat for lp turntable record is enticing for the Nirvana record player! It renders a luxurious feel to it and is produced from 100% recycled materials. It is additionally machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant.