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Crosley Record Player Jukebox

Our Crosley record Player Jukebox offers a fun 12 v ac adapter that can power up to two Crosley record players at the same time, this Jukebox also includes a power supply, charger, and psu all in one place so you can keep your record players running like a well-oiled machine. Plus, there's a cool Jukebox jennings Jukebox exclusive design.

Crosley Record Player Jukebox Walmart

This Crosley record Player Jukebox gives an 12 v ac adapter so you can power up your Player without an outlet, the turntable will play 12 v ac records. The power supply is moreover charged with psu so you can have power on hand if you ever need it, the Jukebox presents a small form factor and is manufactured of plastic so it will not only look but also work with time-honored cd or rock albums. The record Player presents a large front layout with six tracks and a random knob to how many tracks it has, the Jukebox renders a black anodized aluminum platter with a white stripe. The Jukebox renders two juke cartridges (ie, not the plastic ones) and a white error code. This is a Crosley record Player Jukebox that uses an 12 v ac adapter to play records, the Jukebox gives a turntable and a record Player to help you play records. The Jukebox also imparts a psu, charger, and pc cable to make playing records easier, the Jukebox also includes a psu andcharger for your convenience. This Player also imparts a turntable for playing records, making it a splendid alternative for shoppers who desiderate to listen to records face-to-face or online, the Jukebox also includes a charger and psu. This Player also plays turntables.